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Joe Beef - Survive the Apocalypse

To be completed with culinary products.

A refreshing and unpretentious collection of 150 new recipes. Some are on the menu of the very renowned Montreal restaurants of Frédéric and David, others are inspired by Sunday evening meals at home or summers spent in the countryside around the beautiful lakes of the Laurentians. Just think of Watercress Soup with trout dumplings, Artichokes Bravas, Deer flank with beer, Smoked meat croquettes, Tater Tots galettes or Squash Sticky buns to have the water. mouth. The authors also offer instructions for making your own soap and spruce cough drops as well as great tips for stocking your cellar with essentials in times of apocalypse - Coureurs des bois breads, Marinated pork shoulder. , Smoked apple cider vinegar. 

This book will teach you to do things on your own and to live - or at least survive - in style.

Flip through an extract.

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23 cm x 25 cm
354 pages

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