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Kombu pickles

Kombu pickles make it possible to enhance the stipe (or stem), a generally unused part of Kombu royal, an algae naturally cultivated and picked in Gaspé.

Thus, the stipe is cut into small pieces and kept in a delicious, slightly tart and sweet marinade, reminiscent of the traditional taste of pickles with a touch of the sea.

These can be enjoyed as is as an aperitif or to accompany your platters with cheeses, marinated olives, cold meats and smoked fish. They can also be cooked like capers in a tartar sauce or add them to your burgers to replace dill pickles or relish.

Quick tip: Once the pickles are finished, save the delicious marinade with its spice blend and its slightly salty taste, to use in your dressings and your tuna or egg sandwich mixes. Nothing is lost and you will see, it is a real delight!

Ingredients: Sweet kelp stipes, marinade (water, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, sugar, salt, spices).

* May contain traces of fish and / or seafood (molluscs).

Format: 90 g

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