Who we are

Our vision of local products:

The notion of "terroir" or "du" terroir is rather broad and everyone has a bit of his vision of things. Quebec is not a single region, it is obvious.

We want to facilitate the marketing of small producers that we love and appreciate.

All our products are not 100% made with ingredients grown in Quebec, but we are looking for especially artisanal products worked with love by enthusiasts. The aim is to demonstrate that it is possible to sell Quebec products to everyone, and on the internet as well.

How we help producers:

We buy the products we sell at distributor price.

We offer free visibility to all producers, even placing a link to their website. We want to help them, as we can, to improve their promotion on the internet.

Our blog is an open door to all market players: we can publish all relevant information, without distinction.

What does Terroirs Québec offer?

We are looking to reference local or regional products, made or processed in Quebec. We look for the best products or the best producers every day. We are obviously listening to your comments on the products already referenced or on new recommendations.

Who is the founder of Terroirs Québec?

The site was founded by Cédric Fontaine in 2005. He was born in Brittany on November 11, 1974. During his studies in Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS), he had the opportunity to work , both in the kitchen and in the restaurant, for very renowned establishments. At the end of his studies, he decided to set up a social project for the integration of visually impaired people by creating restaurant menus in Braille and large print for many restaurants across France. The rest of his professional life has brought him to the most luxurious hotels and restaurants in Europe to install complete hotel management systems.

Since 2002, he has chosen to join the Quebec to live there with his wife. In 2005, he chose to promote Quebec gastronomy by creating Terroirs Québec.

Who is now behind TerroirsQuébec?

Signé Local Inc has been an owner since 2018.

We are not linked to any big company and our means are limited. Nevertheless we want to keep this independence and reactivity thanks to a light structure.

What are the delivery times?

All the items you order are available from stock and are generally dispatched the day of your order (working day). You can follow the progress of your order from your account page or via the tracking number you receive by email.